When is the next Website Drop?

When and how often our 'restocks' will be are a work in progress! Small add ons (minis & tumbles) and any Live Sale leftovers will be added routinely. Check out our 'New Arrivals' to see our latest additions!

I hope to at least have four epic website drops a year, however the quality of restocks is more important to us than quantity. We'll broadcast it all over social media as well as notify our email subscribers!

How do Live Sales work?

Live Sales are a method of shopping where you can claim crystals in a live stream and complete a custom listing afterwards. A claim is a promise to pay. This is a great method to see the piece more, learn more about the crystal, and engage with the crystal community. Our Live Sales are through TikTok and occasionally Instagram.

To claim a crystal, simply comment the full code - the number is the price in USD and the letter combo is for identification purposes. Our Live Sales work on a first claim basis - the first claim to show up first on our screen will win the item. Please keep in mind you will always show up first on your screen.

After the Live Sale, we will make a custom listing for you here on our site. It will include a breakdown of all your claims - if you'd like a picture of your basket, email us!

Do you allow SOSs, gifts, or swaps? (in Lives)

An SOS is a method of help claiming utilized by several other shops. To keep our Live Sales fair, we do not allow SOSs.

In our Live Sales, participants have gifted each other crystals, which is exactly what it sounds like - buying a crystal for another. We absolutely love this and will always encourage, as it is one of the best ways to spread energy. However, please claim responsibly in doing so.

We allow upgrades or swaps to a higher-valued crystal during our Live Sales. This is limited to two upgrades per person per Live, to help keep things fair for others trying to claim. We cannot swap of crystals of equal or lesser value.

What happens if Live Claims are abandoned?

Failure to pay and communicate results in being banned from our social media and barred from our shop. Every one is human, and we are reasonably understanding - if there is an issue do not hesitate to email us and ask!

Any abandoned Live Claims will be offered at the end of the next Live Sale.


When will my order Ship?

Our current processing time is up to 12 days. For Closed-Open Basket Orders, processing time is dependent on both the duration and size - up to 16 days for baskets open less than one month, and up to 24 days if greater than one month. We strive to get your crystals to you as soon as possible and often ship quicker than these time frames.

Tracking will be sent once your order is packed. We do frequent drop-offs, however it may take a day or two for your tracking to update.

How long does shipping take?

The shipping time depends on your location and the shipping method chosen at checkout. For within the United States, we offer USPS Ground Advantage and USPS Priority. From the time packages are dropped off at the post office:

  • USPS Ground Advantage ships in 2-5 business days
  • USPS Priority ships in 1-3 business days

For International Orders, this is dependent on location and shipping service chosen - we cannot provide estimates for all countries at this time.

What is your Return Policy?

All sales are final and we do not accept returns.

Your package is shipped with insurance. Any damage or broken items are under the responsibility of the shipping carrier with this insurance and is not our responsibility. If any crystals arrive broken, please email us and we can help you file a claim. Upon receiving a broken crystal, please keep the original box and packaging, and email us both a picture of the broken crystal and box.


For Live, Story, and Feed Sale Custom Listings:

We provide itemized invoices including the crystal codes so you know the exact crystals you claim are the ones you receive. We also keep a physical and digital log throughout the live of each and every claim. It is your responsibility to ensure the crystals you believe you claimed from your end are the crystals you paid for. Because of our extensive record keeping and in-depth invoicing system, we are not responsible for any crystals received that are not what you thought claimed and will not accept returns or offer a refund. If you'd like confirmation before completing your order, please email us at and we'd be happy to send you a picture of your basket. 

We send itemized invoices to ensure all crystals are sent. If any crystals are missing please email us as soon as possible. This email must be sent within two weeks of your package delivering, as after two weeks it will be difficult to find a missing item in our shop. After two weeks if we cannot find your missing item, we cannot compensate you as it beyond our window. This has only ever happened once in the history of Calm and Collective Minerals and is not to be a concern whatsoever - our itemized invoice system truly helps this. 


What is an Open Box?

Open Baskets are a method to combine multiple orders and save on shipping cost. We hold your crystals here so your package can accumulate, and everything is shipped together when you request to do so. Listings for an Open Box must still be completed within the designated time frame, however your order will not ship until you request your box closed.

How do I start an Open Box?

To start an Open Box, use the code 'OPENBOX' at checkout, this will remove your shipping cost. With this code, your order will not ship until you request to close it.

Please use the code 'OPENBOX' for all orders you would like to add to your Open Box. If you do not use this code, shipping will be charged and only that order will be shipped - it will not be combined with previous orders used with the code 'OPENBOX' and it will not close a current open box. See below on how to close an Open Box!

How do I close / ship an Open Box?

To close an Open Box and have your combined orders shipped, use the code 'CLOSEDBOX' at checkout. This will remove shipping cost and a custom listing will be made with your shipping cost.

Custom shipping listings are made to ensure you are paying the exact shipping rate of your multiple orders. These listings will be made once your order is entirely packed. The listing itself will be the shipping cost.

After using the code 'CLOSEDBOX', we will send you a direct email notifying you of this process, and a second email when your custom shipping listing is ready. Since listings are made after your order is entirely packed, you will receive this email within our Closed Box Processing Time.

How long does it take to process / ship a Closed Open Box?

Processing time for Closed Open Baskets is slightly longer, due to the combination of multiple orders.

Our current processing time for Closed Open Baskets for baskets open less than one month is up to 16 days, for baskets older than one month up to 24 days.

Within this processing time, your custom shipping listing will be made, we will email you when it is posted. Once your custom listing is completed, your tracking info will be sent shortly after and your order will ship in our next dropoff!

Depending on the size of your order, we may need a little more time. This is a rare exception and for XXXXL Open Baskets. If we need a few more days with your order, we will email you directly.

What are Closed Box Shipping Rates?

This depends on the size of your Open Box and your shipping address. We do not ship with flat rate, which is why we make you a custom listing.

To ship one physical box within the US can cost anywhere from $5-20, depending on size, weight, and shipping address. Our largest shipping box size is 14x10x10" with the exception of statement towers or specimen.

Some Open Boxes may require multiple physical boxes to ship, depending on the number and size of your items. The total shipping cost will be the sum of all your shipping boxes.