Calm and collective - a vibrational manifestation

Calm and Collective Minerals was named with the intention of healing and raising my personal frequency, while sharing this energy with and assist in raising the vibration of others.


Hi! My name is Kristen, a girl in her twenties with a passion for nature, energy, and personal elevation. I'm a cat mom, plant mom, fellow crystal enthusiast (of course), with a background in STEM who changed her life path off an intuitive feeling.

I started Calm and Collective Minerals in early 2022, with the goal of healing and raising my frequency and mind. I am so incredibly grateful for how C&C has grown and influenced my well-being - more impactful than I could have ever imagined.

As you may have seen on our TikTok or Instagram, I have a cat named Cosmo. He is more the face of the company as he routinely makes appearances in Lives, has his own fan base, and is more physically present in our social media than I am.

We are located in Western New York.


As our shop and community grew, our primary focus shifted from providing crystals to spreading the best energy. While crystals act as a conduit for both us sharing this energy and as tools for energy work, our intention behind every Live Sale, packing each order, and all interactions with our clients is to provide an uplifting experience. Because of this, our primary method of sale is Live Sales on TikTok. Through this, as a community we hang out, have fun, look at some pretty crystals, and can be present in the here and now.


We aim to provide a variety of materials, qualities, shapes, and rarities that can meet every collector's budget and taste. From beginners to life-long enthusiasts, we hope to source crystals that speak to everyone.

Our crystals are sourced from all over the world - we have relationships with families in Brazil, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and are continuously expanding. We also hand-select crystals in person at local warehouses and gem shows, such as the Tucson Gem Show. We look for uniqueness, quality, affordability, and consciously procured and polished pieces.